Stone memorials designed and hand carved

Bespoke and personal

Please contact me for further details

Memorial pair, work in progress.  Stone carver, Gary Churchman

Pair of matching carved stone memorials

To be installed side by side

Carved panels of ivy.

Carved headstone designed and carved by stone carver and letter cutter Gary Churchman.

Carved wild flowers and Arctic Turn

Portland stone

Bespoke memorial.  Designe and carved by Gary Churchman.

The completed memorial

York stone

Design of memorial by stone carver and letter cutter, Gary Churchman

York stone memorial with preliminary design

Image of slate memorial designed and carved by Stone Carver Gary Churchman

Slate memorial carved with foxgloves

snowdrops and foxgloves on the rear

Design of slate memorial by stone carver Gary Churchman

The design on paper

Slate memorial.  Stone carver Gary Churchman

Highly carved slate memorial with delphiniums

naturalistic delphiniums on the rear of the stone

Drawing for slate memorial and foot stone by carver in stone Gary Churchman

The proposed design

York stone Woodland memorial carved by stone carver Gary Churchman

Woodland memorial

With honeybee, cuckoopint, helleborus, mistletoe, briars and ivy etc

York stone

Beautifuly simple memorial by lettercarver and stone carver Gary Churchman

Beautiful tribute

Replication of original damaged memorial plaque by stone carver Gary Churchman
Stone carver and letter cutter Gary Churchman carved replication stone.

Prior to installation

Replication of damaged memorial stone

Belgian black stone

Oxford cathedral

Replication stone with the damaged original

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Carving individual bespoke memorials that are personal and unique. Creating together a memorial that will be a culmination of inspiration and experience. Encouraging your involvement at all stages, from design through to completion. Arrange approval visits to view the stone whilst being carved or lettered to enable adaptions to be made. Advising upon all aspects from design to inscription layout and styles. Please feel free to contact me for further information. The memorials here have been given the kind permission to be shown, I have digitally removed the inscriptions in respect.